Thank you for taking the time to check out what I am up to.  

My mission is inspiring people to live a "Bodacious Life". 

I do this by sharing inspiration, wisdom, and tools via media/film, as well as one on one consulting.

I believe we all have an innate wisdom and carry our own unique "keys" to creating our best life. When I am in the presence of another who is authentically sharing their truth, and living their innate gift, I am energized and inspired to do the same myself. It's amazing how this natural feedback loop of inspiration creates a better experience of life. In this way a "Bodacious Life" is not something I have "achieved" and am "teaching you" - it is an experience we are inspiring for each other.

My skill set includes corporate sales experience, video/documentary film production from creative to delivery, yoga & wellness including therapeutics and energetics.  Check out my Linkedin profile and Lightworks Creative for more info about my professional history.

I believe in messaging and media that contribute to the overall happiness and health of others. I love projects that bridge worlds bringing inspiration, wisdom, and tools to a broader audience in simple ways. 

I love working one on one with clients to support them in experiencing their best life. I utilize a diverse range of tools to customize a program to meet clients where they are; while playfully encouraging them to become more of who they truly are every day.  Check out Bodacious Life on Facebook for more info...

I am  a professional creative, producer, lifestyle wellness consultant, yoga & meditation teacher, and healing facilitator.

 Email me for more information and to schedule projects and/or sessions.

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