I am passionate about empowering others to access their optimal experience of life. After many years of studying consciousness, owning a yoga school, and teaching yoga; I am on a mission to build a bridge that integrates wisdom into every day life.

 I believe it is our birthright to have access to the source of vitality and stillness within our being. I learned first hand that yoga and meditation are more about science and physiology than esoteric religion. Being human means we have a relationship with our bodies and minds; the health of that relationship (ie. union or yoga)  greatly affects our perspectives and experience of life. 

Currently I am focused on reaching a larger audience by producing video and film content that embodies wisdom and inspiration that contributes to a better world.

I am available for  private sessions and consulting as my production schedule allows.  

I greatly appreciate your interest and would love to discuss how I may serve you! 

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Bodacious Life Story:

I have always been curious about human potential, consciousness, and our power to effect the experience of life we have. A health crisis forced me to learn first hand how to generate and access vitality, creativity, and joy through yoga and stillness; this transformed my curiosity into a full blown life passion and purpose. At the time my inspiration to thrive and reach for a new life was my larger than life black lab "Bodacious" aka "Bodie". His full expression and love for life inspired me daily to reconnect with playfulness and passion.  "Bodacious Life" is an invitation to live with with your heart wide open, embrace a full sensory experience of life,  and share the gift of your true expression with the world.