Video Production

Video Production : Artist Interview

DREAM is an extraordinary film. You’ve captured the pure essence of Burning Man. For those who have never been to Burning Man, if it is at all possible to feel the experience through layers of optical glass and pixels, you guys have managed that. For those who were there, you’ve brought back memories as vibrant and as incomprehensible in a way as the dreams we have when we are sleeping. How did the inspiration for DREAM come about?

Heather: Thank you, it is so exciting to hear that our vision has touched your heart! We experience Burning Man as the land of possibility and inspiration. As our society has evolved, many have lost touch with their creativity, and some have lost sight of their dreams. It was our dream to share this unique culture with the world in a way that would ignite people’s hearts and open their minds to all that is possible….essentially we wanted to inspire people to believe in their dreams again. Read More....